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View of cabin with cultivated field in foreground and body of water to the rear. A mountain rises steeply in the background.

A cross-shaped slab and other cut stones are visible in the foreground. Three people are sitting on rocks in the distance. The background consists of Roundstone Bay and a fine linear view of the Twelve Bens.

Panoramic view of the bridge carrying the Galway Clifden railway over the river Corrib at Woodquay. The weir detail in the foreground and to the right of the photograph suggest it was taken from the Eglington Canal bank.

View of two mountain climbers on steep rocky slope. Welch informs us this is Ben an Saighduir. Tradition suggests it is so called because a member of the Army Ordnance Corps was killed here during map surveying work for the first edition of the…

View of steep and rocky mountain.

View of mountain rising in the background from lakeshore.

The curved expanse of beach at Dog's Bay, Roundstone, is visible. There are rocky hill slopes in the background on which are dotted some white-washed cottages. One person is standing on the beach gazing out to sea. There are sand dunes in the…

View of river with rocky shoreline. Mountain rising in background. The Ballyinahinch river is a famous fishing ground in Connemara. The mountain in the background is Benlettery.

Distant view of Kylemore Castle with mountain rising to the right of the photograph.

View of lake with mountains in the background. There is a building not far from the shore line of the lake. It may have been part of the railway construction.

View of water with buildings in the distance. Two of the buildings are large and two storey while the other two are thatched cabins.

View of lake and dramatic pass between two mountains. A road threads its way along the lake shore on the right.

View of lake in foreground with large house and mountain in the distance. The lake shore is densely wooded. Welch tells us this is Ballynahinch. The house was originally built in the 1840s by Thomas Martin whose estate was bankrupted by the famine.…

View of lake and mountain scenery. A portion of the shoreline, on which some trees are growing, juts out into the water from the left. The mountain in the background appears to be the lower slopes of Corcog.

View of rushing water over rocks. Welch's caption indicates the water is running off the Maamturk mountains.

View of Gothic-revival style house known as Kylemore Castle, begun by the estate owner, Mitchell Henry, in 1867. Construction lasted four years cost over £29,000.

View of the gothic style church at Kylemore, Connemara. The church was built by the then owner of the Kylemore estate, Mitchell Henry, between 1877-1881, as a memorial to his wife Margaret, who had died while travelling in Egypt.

View of pier with boat at anchor in harbour. There is a large crowd on the pier. The local people can be distinguished from the visitors by their dress. Welch indicates that this is a visit to the Aran Islands by members of the Irish Field Club Union…

The photograph shows a collection of neatly thatched stone built cottages, some of which are whitewashed. Two children sit on the wall while a man stands outside the gate. A woman is visible in front of the door way of the cottage.

View depicting steep sloping rocky mountain terrain. Welch's first love was natural history and this is evident by the caption where he wishes to draw the viewer's attention to the effect of glaciation on the rock face.
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